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Customer complaint handling guide:                                                                                             

In Tabriz Petrochemical Company "Complaint" refers to buyers written dissatisfaction with the quality and quantity of the delivered products, packaging and loading process, technical information provided, certificates issued and handling of complaints.

How to make a complaint?
To make any complaints or suggestions, Customers can call  “Relationship Office” at +9841334216890 or send email to customers@tpco.ir or visit our website www.tpco.ir ("Customer Relationship" page). Complaints submitted to the management (or commercial unit) of Tabriz Petrochemical Company will also be transferred to the Customer Relations Office.

Complaint handling process:

1- Submitting a complaint
2 - Checking production records, inspection and delivery
3 - Compensating the customer in case his complaint is confirmed
4 - Sending a survey form to the complaining customer
5 - Obtaining the complaining customer's consent
All our respected customers’ suggestions and ideas are welcomed.
1 - Complaints made within 30 days after delivery of the product can be processed.
2 - Compensation includes Only the portion of the product that has NOT been consumed.
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