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About Us

    •   TABRIZ  petrochemical company (T.P.C)  is located in southern west of Tabriz city next to Tabriz refinery in about 380 hectares area and altitude of 1362 meters above sea level.
    •   TPC is a producer of raw polymers ; polyethylene ,polystyrene and  A.B.S each in different grades.
    •   Main feed and Consumed raw materials are  NAPHTA ;  L.P.G ;ACRYLONITRILE; A.M.S ;Mineral Oil ; P.B.R  and other chemicals that are provided by TABRIZ  & TEHRAN refineries ; national petrochemical affiliated companies in south of Iran.



پتروشیمی تبریز مرحله دوم استخدام نیروی انسانی را برگزار می كند.

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